Ula is brilliant, best dog trainer in the uk, dog whisper ula has helped us see that with a calm manner and consistent command we can train Asko to be awesome, calm dog. Everything was explained in simple terms. I feel much more confident and calm knowing that if I have a problem ULa is on the end of the phone. I didn’t expect such immediate result, but with Ula’s guidance and demonstration I was amazed how fast my dog is learning. So… if you looking for dog trainer who is great, who loves all animals – the small ones and the large ones, and the most important who is truly passionate – Ula is the person!!!!! thank you ULa you are fantastic xxxx

Agata & GSD Asko


Ula has been brilliant with Molly – i wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her. Molly even stayed with Ula for the weekend and has come back a different dog ! Its not just the dog she trains but the owner interaction – this has made the world of difference as we just didn’t know how to communicate to get the best out of Molly and we were all getting frustrated- especially Molly !! Excellent value for money and a top class service ! I have already recommended you to several of my friends experiencing similar problems with lead pulling, jumping up and general walking issues !! I expect there isn’t a problem you can’t solve !







Molly and her Family


The first time we met Ula we’ve already been together with my rescue dog for a year and visited 2 trainers. Unlike them Ula seemed to grasp the basis of our problems and that resulted that at the beginning of our second training when my easily distracted dog performed a perfect recall from 30 yards I was positively shocked. The situation with pulling also improved a lot. After only a couple of trainings in a controlled enviroment I had a great recall and a lead walk, something I’ve been struggling for a year before. There were a lot of tricks that we practiced, and thanks to that our bond improved greatly.”

Nora and London


„Me and my fiancé went to the obedience training with our Golden retriever for half a year and had excellent results!

Ula, one of the trainers, was very professional. She pointed out all the small mistakes one does that are in the way to get good results, and good results we got!
Our dog pays more attention to us now and that’s all thanks to Ula.

I can highly recommend the obedience course to all dog owners, no matter if the dog is trained before or not!

The area of training is within a fence which is nice, no worries needed that the dog will run away. At the end, the dog will be obedient enough working without a fence

Emelin, Carl-Philip and Maximus


„Since very beginning Ninja was a dog afraid of people and did not fancy contact with strangers. This insecurity shortly turned into agression towards people. This personality trait followed by many other made him a seemingly hard case that I was not able to manage. During classes with Ula she taught me to understand the way my dog thinks and how i can deal with its unwanted behaviour. Thanks to her knowledge and experience both me and Ninja are way happier and our daily walks are no longer terrifying but have become the greatest part of the day:)”

Bartek, Gosia and Ninja


„Working with Ula was a great pleasure for me and my whippet mix Zmora. Before Ula’s schooling we had several problems with obedience. Right now I can totally forget about them . I got to know my dog better and discovered her lovely features that were hidden somewher inside Zmora :) ”

Kornelia and Zmora



„We are the owners of chocolate lab Milka. As a puppy she was a lovely dog, but we were shocked how crazy she was, we didint know how to play and work with her. During the lessons with Ula she helped us understand her needs, and teach us how to transform her high drive into good side of behaviour. However the training is only as good as the owners who have totally understood what they are supposed to do and also they keep going with training. Whats more Ulas home is good place for inhome boarding during our holidays because she has plenty of attention in safe and proffesional hands. Our lab always come back home happy and tired after training time in Ulas home!”
Agata, Laura, Adam and Milka


„What a difference Ula has made  to Alex’s behaviour, she is a lovely lady and a  fantastic trainer. Highly recommended!!!”

Angela and Axel


„Wow Ula has transformed our cheeky beagle into a beauttifully well behaved member of the family in the 3 week residential course. Very impressed with the results and hope to keep up her new skills. Thank you Ula. Piper has been a honey cxx”

Piper and her Family

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