My dogs

 Penny (ISDS 321431)
Parents: Dewi Tweed (ISDS 278783) x Fran (ISDS 305401)

My longed for working border collie girl. Since I have got her i realised what kind of dog I would like to have and work with.
I fell in love with her father – Dewi Tweed before i got Penny, it was almost one year earlier. When I saw him, how he works and what kind of puppies he gives I understood that he will be the father :) I have not met him yet, but I hope this will change, maybe… ;). Fran has got good character and also she is beautiful, her father Don is very strong and great sheepdog.

Penny has got very strong drive and she loves to work with people. Her motivation for work, the joy and enthusiasm she works with, is amazing. She is always having fun and she enjoys every moment whatever she’s doing. Penny is a serious worker though. No matter what I want to practice she always gives 100% and sometimes evan more… :).

Our passion is agility, Penny is very fast and independent dog. Tunnels are her favorite obstacles and she could run those indefinitely. She is not a soft or a humble dog, when something is going wrong i always see on her face: dont give up, let is do it again.. And i love it!

For fun we pracitces: tricks, obedience and IPO.
Pictures taken by:
Bartosz Szlęzak
Tomasz Mońko
Karolina Prus


Speedy Never Never Land Speed Control (retired)
Born: 03.12.2007

My first and dreamed border collie. I have started first steps in dogs sports with her. We used to practice frisbee and some agility, but because of her health probles we focused on obedience. She has got very strong food drive, ok …  she loves all food! She also like toys, specially chese them. We practice some obedience but because of her soft character i have never decided to take part in the competitions.

Speedy main thing is that she loves people and she is very enthusiastic for human attention. Now enjoying her life with my mum, my sister and her family, and she is great family dog, happy dog.

Pictures taken by:
Bartosz Szlęzak
Agnieszka Filar
Sławek Mazur

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