About me

Ula Trojak


I am Ula and I am passionate about dogs and my job.
I have had a lifetime interest and involvement with animals. As a child growing up with my own doggy cross breed „Nutella”. Because of her I realised the only thing I wanted to do was to work with animals.
I have studied on University of Life Sciences in my home town Lublin (Poland) – Animal Science (Zootechnics), with specialty: Horse riding and breeding, where I have got a academic title – Zootechnics Engineer. My academic background have given me much knowledge about breeding and bearing animals.
I have been working with many different breeds, ages and types of problems of the dogs. I feel that I have the best job in the word because every dog is diffrent, and each dog I have to watch like a new case and I know they need it. I am fascinated by canine communication and loves to see dogs playing and larning one another. What is more I am pretty sure that there is no better way to learn then being surrounded by dogs.

Many times dogs absorb rules very fast and i have a feeling that I am more than a owner trainer than dog trainer, am I? :)



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